Ultrasonic Cavitron

Walk away with the cleanest, brightest smile.
Cavitron, a revolutionary high-tech ultrasonic tool, ensures our patients walk away with the cleanest, brightest smiles.

Cavitron, a revolutionary high-tech ultrasonic tool, ensures our patients walk away with the cleanest, brightest smiles.

Ultrasonic Cavitron is a revolutionary, advanced piece of high-tech dental equipment. It relies upon the use of ultrasonic waves to clean your teeth. Cavitron is a preferred method of cleaning amongst dentists because it is safer, less painful, and quicker than the old method of using small metal handheld tools.

Part of a routine dental cleaning involves having one of our dental hygienists work to remove stains, tartar, and plaque from your teeth. In the past, this was done using small, handheld tools that gently scraped the teeth clean, but not anymore. Our dental hygienists use Cavitron for routine cleanings.

The cleaning process involved with Cavitron is relatively simple. Our dental hygienists will take a small handheld device and apply the tip to your teeth or gums. Small vibrations caused by the ultrasonic waves will pulsate out of the tip. The vibrations will gently work to loosen tartar, plaque, and bacteria that have built up on or around your teeth.

While the device is applying vibrations to your teeth, it will also gently mist your teeth with micro-bubbles that are filled with oxygen. This mist helps to destroy harmful bacteria that have built up not only on the surface of your teeth, but under the gumline. Destroying the bacteria is essential to getting your teeth super clean.

Tumwater Family Dentistry started using Cavitron scrapers and polishers for two reasons. First, it has been proven to be more effective at cleaning teeth than the older method. The cleaner your teeth are the better your oral and general health will be.

In addition to providing a better clean, Cavitron is considered less painful than the scraping with metal tools. General anesthetic is rarely needed during these cleanings and our patients are able to return to their day-to-day activities almost immediately after a cleaning.

We are able to continue our commitment to providing our patients with the best, most accurate dental care possible by incorporating Cavitron into our daily practice.

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