Restore your broken or damaged teeth.
Restore broken or damaged teeth to their former glory with the support and help of dental crowns.

Restore broken or damaged teeth to their former glory with the support and help of dental crowns.

Tooth decay, when left untreated, can cause a large cavity to form that could result in extensive, irreversible damage to your teeth. When this happens, not only is the structural integrity of your tooth in jeopardy, but your oral health is too. A dental crown can help restore and strengthen the damaged tooth.

Dental crowns are tiny caps that are designed to look and feel just like a natural tooth. The dental crown is carefully placed over the visible portion of your damaged tooth. It is then cemented into place, so it will not loosen or fall out over time. Dental crowns are commonly used in restorative dentistry because they are able to not only look just like your natural teeth, but function like them too.

There are several reasons why we, at Tumwater Family Dentistry, may recommend a dental crown to one of our patients.

Those reasons include:

  • A tooth is weakened from tooth decay and may start to crumble or break in the near future
  • A tooth is already broken, chipped, or cracked and needs to be restored
  • A large filling from a cavity needs to be covered
  • A dental bridge is being placed in the mouth
  • Staining has severely discolored a tooth
  • Part of the dental implant procedure
  • Cosmetic purposes

Once it is determined that you are in need of a dental crown, we will start the process involved with preparing the natural tooth for the crown and creating/designing your crown. This does not happen in a single office visit, but it happens over the course of several appointments.

When preparing for a dental crown, we will need to reshape your natural tooth so it can support the crown. We will then take digital impressions, which are used to manufacture and create your custom made crown. A temporary crown will then be placed over your natural tooth until your permanent crown is created.

After the crown is created, you will return to our office and we will cement the crown into place.

If you are considering a dental crown, Tumwater Family Dentistry can help. Our dental staff is willing to discuss the process involved with getting a dental crown and help you explore whether this is the right dental treatment for you.

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