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When patients first come in for their consultation, they often ask if Invisalign® will impact their daily lives. They are often surprised when we answer by saying that 99 percent of the daily impact of Invisalign® is positive.

Anyone who has been fitted for clear aligners and has begun wearing them knows that there are adjustments that patients will need to make. However, these changes are minor and the adjustment period is very short.

For this article, rather than focusing on the minor changes that a patient will need to make, we will instead focus on all of the ways living with Invisalign® is the same as life before treatment.

1. You Don’t Have to Change What You Eat

All your favorite foods are still on the menu, just be sure to remove your clear aligners first!

Unlike traditional braces, food will not get stuck and your mouth will not be too sore to eat.

All your favorite foods are still on the menu, just be sure to remove your clear aligners first!

2. You Can Keep Playing Sports

For many patients, especially teenagers, playing sports is an important part of daily life. To the relief of many (especially varsity athletes) there is no need to give up a school sporting career to achieve a beautifully straight smile. As certified on their website, Invisalign® clear aligners will not get in the way of normal exercise and sports.

Clear aligners can be worn during most sports, like basketball, baseball and soccer. For sports that are more contact heavy, like wrestling or martial arts, take your aligners out just to be safe.

3. Oral Hygiene is Performed Exactly the Same

Traditional braces can make keeping up with oral hygiene a nightmare. Besides all of the wires and metal, there are also special tools that patients have to familiarize themselves with, as described by Colgate. It’s a pain, no pun intended.

One of the most underrated positive aspects of living with Invisalign® is that because patients can remove their aligners, brushing and flossing are done normally. While oral hygiene is especially important during Invisalign® treatment, there is nothing new patients will need to learn to keep their mouths healthy while their smiles take shape.

4. You Will Look the Same With Invisalign®

On the other hand, Invisalign® clear aligners are virtually invisible during use.

One of the biggest reasons teenagers and adults shy away from traditional braces is the change in their appearance during treatment. On top of the feeling of metal braces, there is also the sight of all the wires and rubber bands when patients smile or speak.

On the other hand, Invisalign® clear aligners are virtually invisible during use. As stated on their website, the SmartTrack® material used to create the clear aligners is the product of eight years of research and decades of expertise in biomechanics and material science. Patients can trust their aligners to subtlety straighten their teeth without broadcasting the process.

5. You Won’t Be Spending All of Your Time in Our Office

While we love seeing our patients, we also know that there are other things that are more important (and definitely more fun) than having appointment after appointment with us. That’s why another great aspect of living with Invisalign® is that there are far fewer appointments during treatment than with traditional braces.

Our office is also one of the few to offer a form of remote care called Dental Monitoring. With this optional service, we can remotely monitor your progress in lieu of in-person appointments. All you need to have is a smartphone and we’ll provide the rest.

Do You Still Have Questions About Invisalign®?

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